Michaela / 18 / Canada; I'm slowly getting closure. I guess it's really over. I'm finally getting better and now I'm picking up the pieces. I'm spending all of these years putting my heart back together.


not hearing 1d in the nominations like


"fucking ben"

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i finally decided to make a follow forever again lmao i also forgot how much time this took so if i didnt include some of you its bc i lost motivation not bc i dont like you

i also dont want to put this in alphabetical order sozz

bangstilinski 5secondsofsommer aphrodife asslikecal ashtonirwns caleatmyass calumhoodh crazymofas croptopboy calum4president daddyneymar daddykinksluke disnepixar edshceran fcukanye frckhemmo gaskurth getouts godamniall hoeharry hoodclifford introsets jadelust lashtonofficial lukeoffcial mermaidfics nilacniall ofmoan ofnacho pizzuhut pureblud purrhoran teazayn teenwufs tomlis zaynspank zaynflirt fletchar dunkendonuts datesliam blurberrys chanelouis derekhals smullingar ewzayns fcvkhaz genderfluidlouis zourryofficial harraa harcld harry20l0 hrrys hrrystlys niallbottomed niallspecs pluslarry ughpunk vege-mike zainmulik zeysus westyls weedjoke420 awharrys stupidcal bradick kingoftheniall lilhemmo danmluke mcliffourd lukehemmoh dumbrejects hazries dumbldores payneum haorold zaynsdick zainmaliks 17aged greasemastin seriousluke lanadehlray dollarmenus wlidcats stlles zaynsaliks damncara fricksup lukekink irwiun tryshard miguelclifford cocktus hufcal parkingstrange zaniams arrystyles holdmetightniall lirryr arrowdactyl poetic pride cringing

also who could forget the groups

+the tumblr elite

+nugget squad lmao

+lukes defense squad

+kawaii kids

+the plastics

+bands life nw

+the naturals

+american apparel pg

+the versaces


if i forgot any of you imj sososos soryr i kind of dont ever want to do a ff again but i still love you and you havae an amazing blog x

Thank you so much :)


fatima probably threw costco coupons on stage at the boys and harry probably picked them up cuz he loves a bargain

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When I was upset or suffering from a terrible day, nothing cheered me up more, even for a minute, than watching this man’s films or watching his interviews online. There is no way you could not laugh or crack a smile and his comedic nature. Thank you Robin. 


I thought Robin Williams was timeless. And he is. His personality is one that we don’t forget, and he will make us laugh in his movies and shows decades after he’s gone.


fuck depression. there’s nothing more insidious than a disorder that tricks lovely people into believing they are worthless. 

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could you please put your crying kid on vibrate

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freshmen advice: y’all know bout high school musical right?? well that shit is legit. better get practicing. everyday at lunch we go hard af. stick to the status quo.

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Milwaukee, WI - 09/8

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it’s just like, why are there cat emojis for loads of emotions as well as normal humans emojis


like, when do i need to express these emotions… but as a cat

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I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker 

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